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德国进口埃莎Ersa 离线高精度汽车电子军工选择性波峰焊 Ersa ECOSELECT 4

型号: Ersa ECOSELECT 4
净重: 500KG
保修期: 12个月
品牌: ERSA
机器尺寸: 2000*1800*1700
Cylce Time: 2 – 100 mm/sec
PCB尺寸: 508– 508 mm
功率: 最大 18 kW(基本配置)
电压: 5线制,3 x 25 30/400 V
双轨选项: 离线
解析精度: 0.15mm
氮气选项: 空气/氮气


Highlights Selective Soldering System Ersa ECOSELECT 4Ersa-ECOSELECT-4.jpg

Flexibly integrable soldering system: inline or batch operation

VERSAFLOW 4 technology

PCB size 508 x 508 mm

Roller conveyor

Up to two spray heads and flux tanks


y/z variable dual solder pots

Automatic nozzle activation

Upgrade with independent flux module to a full inline machine

Award-winning ERSASOFT 5 software

VERSACAM – solder wave height measurement “on the fly”


The ECOSELECT 4 is Ersa’s newest selective soldering system. It is a compact system that is perfectly suited for small up to medium-sized batches where flexibility is essential. The ECOSELECT 4 features machine technology of the latest VERSAFLOW generation. Its conveyor system is a high-quality roller conveyor for a max. PCB size of 508 x 508 mm. The ECOSELECT 4 can be used inline or in batch operation. Another machine highlight is the new power convection heating, for example, which provides an optimal and homogenous warm-up also of complex boards. Like all Ersa selective soldering systems the ECOSELECT 4 is equipped with a programmable precision spray fluxer with integrated spray control for precise and economical flux application in single spots or in tracks. A second spray head is available as an option.
主图详图.jpgInnovative machine operation with ERSASOFT 5
The new dual solder pot system of the VERSAFLOW 4 is also available for the ECOSELECT 4. Both mini wave pots can be moved flexibly in Y/Z direction. Thus, the machine operator can install solder nozzles with different diameters in order to quickly solder connectors using a nozzle with large diameter and using a very slim nozzle shape for joints which are difficult to reach. The innovative and user-friendly ERSASOFT 5 software renders machine operation even more intuitive. Through individual user interfaces, each group of operators receives, at one glance, the data and information it requires. A further software highlight is the PiP technology (picture in picture) combined with a process monitoring camera.

  • Length from 2,000 mm

  • Width approx. 1,800 mm

  • Height approx. 1,700 mm

  • Roller conveyor

  • PCB width: 50-508 mm

  • PCB length: 127-508 mm

  • Maximum PCB top side clearance: 120 mm

  • Maximumg PCB bottom side clearance: 60 mm

  • Maximum PCB weight: 15 kg

  • Nitrogen

  • Pneumatic system

  • Electric supply

  • Extracted air

  • Drop-Jet in different sizes

  • IR heating, convection (option), powerconvection (option)

  • Electromagnetic solder pot

  • Mini-wave 13 kg up to 2 pots



品牌: Panasonic
型号: D3A
品牌: ERSA
型号: 德国进口埃莎Ersa 离线高精度汽车电子军工选择性波峰焊 ECOSELECT 1
品牌: FUJI
品牌: FUJI
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